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Julius Who?
Neglected Genius: The Music of Julius Rontgen

November 10, 2005
An exploration of the music of Dutch composer Julius Rontgen, born 150 years ago, whose highly imaginative and instrumentally idiomatic works have been overlooked by the musical mainstream.

The concert took place at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto and was introduced by Dutch music critic, musician and Rontgen scholar Jurjen Vis.

Cello Sonata in G Minor (1905)
Trio for clarinet, viola and piano (1921)
String Sextet (1931)
Viola Sonata No. 1 in C Minor (1924)
Piano Quintet, Op. 100 (1927)

Marie Bérard and Erika Raum, violin
Steven Dann and Carolyn Blackwell, viola
David Hetherington and Peter Cosbey, cello
Joaquin Valdepenas, clarinet
David Louie and Dianne Werner, piano

ARC and The Royal Conservatory of Music are most grateful to his Excellency Jan Hesseling and the Consulate General of the Netherlands for generously supporting this project.